Is Las Vegas safe?

is las vegas safe

Most online gamblers always search for casinos that are safe in which to carry out their gambling activities, be it a land-based or online casino. So is Las Vegas safe for gambling activities? Absolutely, Las Vegas is safe for different types of gambling activities. In fact there is no place safer for gambling activities than Las Vegas. Gambling in Las Vegas can be traced back to the late 18th century during the California gold rush when people moved to Las Vegas to start their gambling activities, which lead to Las Vegas being considered the gaming centre of the world.

The year 1931 saw the legalisation of Gambling in Las Vegas during the construction of the Hoover Dam, which brought thousands of people to work in Las Vegas. El Rancho is the first land base hotel-casino built by a businessman names Tommy Hull. He was the first to be granted a license to operate a casino in Las Vegas. Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Boards control and administer the laws and regulations that govern all gambling activities in Las Vegas to ensure a safe and fair gambling environment for gamblers in Las Vegas.

  • Workers at casino is required to register with the state to get a gaming work permit.
  • Player who wish to gamble in Las Vegas are assured of secure games.

Gambling laws in Las Vegas

gambling laws in las vegas

There are laws to oversee all gambling activities in Las Vegas. These laws are controlled and regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board. In Las Vegas, casinos that have more than 15 slot machines will be required to pay a yearly tax of $250 on each of the machines.

Apart from that, there is also an added monthly tax that amounts up to 6.75% of the gross revenue acquired through gambling activities.

The Gambling laws governing gaming activities in Las Vegas have a strict age restriction of 21 and above before you can gamble at any casino in Las Vegas.

Online Gambling in Las Vegas – Is it safe?

With the advent of the internet, gambling experienced tremendous growth with this new method of being able to gamble. Although, online gambling was not introduced in Las Vegas until 1990, it only gained popularity in the 21st century. Chris Moneymaker, the WSOP champion was the one who made online poker popular in particular. Although online gambling was banned in Las Vegas in the past, the Interstate Partnership Agreement passed in the U.S on February 25, 2014, was signed between Nevada and Delaware to allow betting poker online. However, players can still enjoy their casino games via off-shore casinos.

Why is Gambling Safe in Las Vegas?

Gambling is safe in Las Vegas due to various laws and regulations which every casino, both online and land-based, are to comply with in order to ensure a safe haven for gambling in the state of Las Vegas. Also, the casino security and Las Vegas Metro Police Department are doing a good job to ensure that both visitors and residents of the state have access to a gambling environment that is free of illegal gambling and scams. With these levels of security, if you are considering gambling in Las Vegas, you can rest assured of secured games.

  • Las Vegas has grown into the most attractive city and the gambling centre of the world.
  • There is a penalty for any casino that breaks the law.

How to ensure safety when gambling in Las Vega?

Every player likes to feel safe while playing their favourite games at casinos online or land-based casinos. However, safety should not only be left to the casino and the gaming controlling boards. After ensuring that you wager your money at casinos licensed and regulated under the appropriate gaming authority, you should also ensure your personal safety. First, avoid gambling games outside the casino, if you want to gamble, just work into one of the popular casinos and play your game. Also, if someone offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true, don’t fall for it, its a scam.

Tips for Gambling Safely

Some people like to gamble for fun and to enjoy the thrilling moments that come with it. On the contrary, other people see gambling as a way to make money. In order not to distract yourself with gambling activities or spend all your savings, you need to consider some tips to ensure safe gambling. Some of these tips will be highlighted in this section of the article. First, gamble with only the money that you can afford to lose. Also, don’t think of gambling as a way of making money and always set a money limit in advance.


Gambling is very safe to play in Las Vegas since a lot of laws and regulations. The Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board are responsible for administering laws and regulations to ensure that every casino in Las Vegas provides a fair and legal environment for the residents of Las Vegas. Every casino is required to get a gaming compliance plan to ensure that the gaming company adheres strictly to the gaming laws and regulations. The Commission, in conjunction with the State Gaming Control Board, implements and enforces Nevada’s gaming laws meaning you are absolutely safe.