Gambling age in Nevada:

The history of gambling in Nevada can be traced back over many centuries. Gambling has been taken place in Nevada even before the state’s inception. Gambling was banned in Nevada before March 19th in the year 1931, which was the day that changed everything. On this date, an Assembly Bill was signed by the then Governor of the state which allowed for wide-opening gambling in Nevada. History has it that the gambling was legalised in order to raise revenue due to the economic hardship that befell the state. However, during this time there was no law limiting gambling age in Nevada.

The law that legalised open Gambling in Nevada ushered in a new era. The first city in Nevada to become well-known as a gaming centre, is Reno. From the year 1935 – 1947, Reno was the gaming centre with lavish casinos catering for a vast range of gambling needs. After that, another city that experience tremendous growth in gambling activities was Las Vegas as a result of the Hoover Dam project that brought in thousands of people to Las Vegas. After World War II, gambling activities took a new turn in Las Vegas as different gambling was set up in the state.

  • Las Vegas went on to become gambling mecca of the world
  • Nevada has had gambling for a long time
gambling age in nevada

Nevada Gaming Commission

In order to oversee to the gambling activities within the state of Nevada to ensure a fair environment that is free form illegal gambling, the Nevada Gaming Commission was established in the 1959. The Commission was created by passing the Gaming Control Act, which was the building block for what we know has the modern gaming regulation today. The Commission consisted of five members usually appointed by the Governor with one of the member acting as the Chairman. The Commission was responsible for overseeing matters related to gambling license matters and also ruling upon gambling work permits.

Gambling Age Limit in Nevada

There is an age limit or restriction on gambling in the state of Nevada. This law does not allow a person below the age of 21 to gamble in any casinos within the state of Nevada. The law is even more strict with children who are a lot younger in age. According to the rules, children are not allowed to come inside or loiter around the casino. So if you want to gamble at a casino and you have a child, it is recommended that you keep them at home to avoid been penalised for bringing your kids to the casino.

Reasons for Gambling Age Restriction in Nevada

One of the most important reasons why there is an age restriction on gambling within the state of Nevada is to ensure that underage children can be protected from being exposed to gambling at a tender age. However, some sectors of the state feel that the age restriction should be more than 21 to allow for more mental maturity before people start to gamble. Also, the gambling age was restricted because the Gaming Commission feels that if children are allowed to gamble at a tender age, it might negatively influence them, which is bad.

  • People suggest that the age restriction should allow children who are 18 and above to gamble.
  • Some say that educating the kids on disciplined gambling is better than age restriction.

Penalty for going against the gambling age limit

Nevada Gaming Commission takes gambling laws and regulations seriously so they try to ensure that every casino within the state adheres strictly to the rules. Being responsible for administering and enforcing gambling laws in the state, the Commission ensures that no casino goes against the gambling age. There is a punishment for any casino that is found guilty of these charges. Any casino whatsoever that allows a person that is not of age to gamble at their casino may have their license revoked. Also, anyone found guilty of the offence can be largely fined by the commission.

Nevada 18+ casinos

nevada 18+ casinos

It is no doubt that the gambling age within the borders of Nevada is limited to people under the age of 21. However, kids who are between the age of 18 and 21 can also enjoy their favourite casino games using off-shore casinos.

Although there was a Bill that was passed recently to reduce the gambling age restriction to 18 it has not been accepted yet.

So players who love casino games but are still below the age of 21, but more than 18, can utilise the off-shore casinos to enjoy their games because no law forbids that.


The gambling age within Nevada is limited to 21. Therefore if you want to enjoy gambling within the state, you have to be from age 21 and above before you can gamble. The law was made to protect kids who are underage from the negative influence of gambling. If you are more interested in playing on online casino in front of your computer, there are good bonuses and free spins to grab here.

The Commission that oversees all matters concerning gambling licenses and permits ensure that they enforce the laws to make sure that every casino within the state of Nevada adheres strictly to the rules. However, any casino found guilty can be fined or its license might be revoked.