Casino Tattoo – different types, sizes and shapes:

Casino tattoos are gaining prominence among body art lovers especially with the different types, sizes and shapes that they come in. Some card game lovers even believe that playing card tattoos can bring them a little bit of luck.

While we do not entirely agree to that statement, there is surely nothing wrong with having some good luck at the tables. Cards and dice tattoo is also a good adornment that tattoo lovers flaunt on their skin. In this article, we will discuss some of the trendy gambling tattoos as well as how you get inspirations for your next body art.

casino tattoos

Why Do People Have Tattoo Regrets?

Designs for poker tattoos vary and it all comes down to individual preferences. While some people like huge tattoos that can span an entire section of their body say arm, leg or back, others prefer a small tattoo that is not too visible to everyone. The Las Vegas illustration tattoo, for instance, is one of the most popular tattoos found on casino lovers. Forehead tattoos are commonly used to advertise casino brands, but it is gradually evolving to include several other designs. Many online casinos now offer body art lovers money to put casino website as tattoos on their forehead.

Despite the different awesome designs, some body art lovers regret having casino tattoo. This is understandable as situations may reduce the love which you have for a tattoo over time. A higher percentage of tattoo regret is attributed to the artistry of the body art as being outgrown. Many people point out that their ink loses colour over time and this makes them regret having it after several years have passed. Another reason some people give for regretting their ink is that the value it once had to them when they first tattooed it on their body, has faded.

What You Should Avoid

what you should avoid

If you don’t want to regret tattoo on your skin, you need to also think about the design you want to choose. There are several designs online that can give you inspiration. If you are a card game lover, you can go for a blackjack tattoo or choose a custom tattoo based on your personal design. Another important thing you need to do is find a great tattoo artist that can perfectly create the body art on your body. If you want to avoid the process and pains of having a tattoo removed, you need to make sure you get the design that will always have value to you.

  • Casino tattoos come in different types and sizes.
  • You can check online for casino tattoo designs that can inspire you for your next tattoo.

Roulette Wheel Tattoo

The roulette wheel tattoo places more emphasis on the roulette game theme, but what makes it truly stand out is the toning involved in creating it. The colours of the wheel along with all the details bring out the beauty of this body art. While some people prefer drawing an entire roulette wheel on their skin, some prefer having only some parts of the wheels or just the dice alone. It all comes down to what your preference is and you have to make sure you choose the one that appeals most to you to avoid having tattoo regrets later on.

Your Preference Matters

Even non-gamblers can also get some nice gamble related body art such as life’s a gamble tattoo. Depending on your choice, you can even combine it with a gambling dice tattoo to make it look even more awesome. The more creative you can get, the more awesome tattoo designs you will arrive at. Each tattoo design also has a meaning attached to it, so you may want to find out the meaning before you proceed to have it tattooed on your skin. For instance, a tattoo showing a skeletal hand holding some cards usually means a symbol of death, which indicates a person’s last hand of life.

Table game lovers can rock some nice card tattoo designs. A gambling cards tattoo often does not involve the use of many colours making it a common choice for people who don’t like tattoos blossoming with colours. You can even choose a dark tattoo of card designs and it will still look good on you. This, however, does not mean that the tattoo cannot be varied to meet different preferences. Almost every tattoo can be recreated and customised in a way that fits your personal style, and you can decide on whether you want it on a large surface of your skin or just as a small tattoo.

Poker Chip Tattoos

Dead mans hand tattoo is a poker tattoo that has the drawing of black eights and two pair of black aces. The meaning of the tattoo is traced back to mid-1800s when Wild Bill was killed. It is believed that the Wild Bill has the dead mans hand before he was shot and for this reason, many poker fans have this tattoo as a reminder of the death of the legendary poker gambler. However, there are other interpretations for the tattoo, but it all comes down to personal definition. The dead mans hand is a high hand in poker but it is not as high as a straight flush.

There is no denying that poker is one of the most popular table games having been around for centuries. Since the game is played using chips, several poker lovers have a poker chip tattoo on their skin to show their love for the game. The tattoo designs vary, but its meaning always revolves around one main point – that our lives are based on the chances we take. You can have the tattoo on almost any part of your body and decide how big or small you want it to be. Additionally, the tattoos can also be mixed with other tattoos for a broader meaning.


We have provided you with insight into what casino tattoos are and the different types that are available. Additionally, we have mentioned some of the reasons why people tend to regret having tattoos and how you can get the best tattoos that can last for years. Whether you want poker chip tattoos, gambling dice tattoos or roulette wheel tattoos, you need to consider what the tattoo meanings are. Additionally, you should ensure that you only get tattoos from expert tattoo artists. Why not go through the different tattoo designs that we have provided here to get inspiration for your next tattoo!